Definition of giro in English:


nounPlural giros

mass noun
  • 1A system of electronic credit transfer used in Europe and Japan, involving banks, post offices, and public utilities.

    ‘bank deposits transferred by means of giro’
    • ‘The software must also take account of different payment methods, allowing people to be paid by cheque, cash or giro.’
    • ‘If you pay on a normal credit bill and write a cheque or pay by giro, you can save up to a maximum of 13 per cent if you change to direct debit.’
    1. 1.1British count noun A cheque or payment by giro, especially a social security payment.
      ‘any chance of a pound till the giro comes?’
      • ‘The service is there as an emergency resource for people who are struggling to make ends meet perhaps because an unexpected bill has turned up or a giro has been delayed.’
      • ‘If their giros are one day late they can't afford to buy nappies for their kids.’
      • ‘Olive admitted asking his brother to cash it for him, said Miss Abel, and he knew he was not entitled to cash both giros and he should have returned the original.’
      • ‘The clerk who wrote your giro by hand has long been replaced by a machine paying money into your account.’
      • ‘She did finally get sent a giro for the first two weeks of her pension, last week.’


Late 19th century: via German from Italian, ‘circulation (of money)’.