Definition of girlhood in English:



mass noun
  • The state or time of being a girl.

    ‘they had been friends since girlhood’
    • ‘But censorship aside, the film does deal with elements of teenage girlhood that would make family therapists rub their hands together with delight.’
    • ‘It marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood.’
    • ‘But from girlhood onwards, it has always been a prop.’
    • ‘With paper, photographs, scissors, glue and ink, she recorded and perhaps resolved her passage from girlhood to womanhood.’
    • ‘As she walks through different rooms, the film flashes back to her girlhood and adolescence.’
    • ‘It's an idea that offers some relief from the specter of the meek and mopey, ‘silenced’ and self-loathing girl the popular psychology of girlhood has given us in recent years.’
    • ‘For several years during her girlhood, Bess was a tomboy in a house full of brothers.’
    • ‘Until recently, the literature on adolescent girls has been scarce, lacking a serious professional review of the gender-specific issues unique to girlhood.’
    • ‘Many of her girlhood friends had been married last season.’
    • ‘The actors who brought the streets and homes of Mary's girlhood to life were actually exceptionally good for a television production.’
    • ‘These two women had been girlhood friends but separated for years before they accidentally meet.’
    • ‘We have the story of a life here, from girlhood in New Zealand (and the cultural delights of Christchurch) to the passage to Britain after her mother received an unexpectedly large legacy.’
    • ‘Riding ponies and horses around Christchurch and its environs was a wonderful leisure occupation in my girlhood.’
    • ‘Like that of her father, almost every physical and chronological aspect of her life, from girlhood to sovereignty to extreme old age, has been filmed.’
    • ‘These kinds of experiences continue beyond girlhood.’
    • ‘It was one of the really bright spots in my young girlhood.’
    • ‘As these girlhood dreams raced through my head, Mom would say, ‘You're such a Capricorn.’’
    • ‘As she traces her own journey from girlhood to womanhood in Calcutta, she evokes the intimate experiences of food and ritual that structure women's everyday life in Bengal.’
    • ‘This is a wonderful book because throughout its chapters it deals with many character traits of a girl and issues that they face transitioning from girlhood into womanhood.’
    • ‘They had been friends since her girlhood and she couldn't face such a public good-bye.’
    early years, early life, young days, teens, teenage years, adolescence, young adulthood, boyhood, childhood
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