Definition of Girl Scout cookie in English:

Girl Scout cookie


  • (in the US) a biscuit of any of the various kinds sold by the Girl Scouts as a means of fundraising.

    ‘outside was a small girl in a green vest selling Girl Scout cookies’
    • ‘Girl Scout cookies have always been popular, but the treats have made national headlines in the past months.’
    • ‘Frozen Girl Scout cookies are delicious on their own.’
    • ‘Not only can (certain) markets order cookies online, but we're getting two new Girl Scout cookie flavors!’
    • ‘Millions of boxes of Girl Scout cookies are expected to arrive to the City of Angels this weekend.’
    • ‘The annual girl scout cookie sale is not just a way of raising money for the troop but also a way girls can learn about finances and money management.’
    • ‘Plus, come on, no one in the world exists who could possibly boycott girl scout cookies for even a microsecond.’
    • ‘Hopefully my kids will maybe let me have some of their Girl Scout cookies.’
    • ‘There's a new dessert called the American Samoa Cheesecake that is inspired by everybody's favorite Girl Scout cookie!’
    • ‘The giveaway celebrates national Girl Scout cookie weekend and the 40th anniversary of the Samoa cookie.’
    • ‘But where you buy Girl Scout cookies determines which ones you get.’