Definition of girl crush in English:

girl crush


  • 1An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.

    ‘OMG, I have had a girl crush on her for years!’
    • ‘I still have a girl crush on Sarah Jessica Parker.’
    • ‘I had my first girl crush when I was in college.’
    • ‘I think I'm developing a girl crush on you!’
    • ‘The experts were headed by Professor Tanya Byron, on whom I have the most almighty girl crush.’
    • ‘I confess, after reading about you in this month's issue of Madison, I have developed a bit of a girl crush.’
    • ‘As soon as I meet Savannah, I develop a girl crush on her.’
    • ‘I have a new girl crush and it's on Luella.’
    • ‘I have a serious girl crush on Emma Stone.’
    • ‘The fact that she is plastered all over the nominations list means I can feed my girl crush for the next two hours.’
    • ‘I've had a girl crush on Penelope for years, based more on her style than acting prowess, so already I'm sold.’
    1. 1.1A woman or girl who is the object of another's intense liking or admiration.
      ‘Cheryl admitted that RiRi was her girl crush’
      • ‘This may seem like a lot of trouble to go for a girl crush, but I assure you: my dedication is real.’
      • ‘Wood used to work alongside my girl crush Sonia Kruger, and now he's busy with multiple projects, including interviewing the likes of moi.’
      • ‘Major girl crush potential, she's the kind of girl you'd turn your head to look at so you could get a second glance at what she was wearing.’
      • ‘We've already asked you who your favorite tween girl crush is.’
      • ‘Flick past the fashion pages and you'll find a story on LA party promoter Bolthouse and his fiancee (and my new girl crush) Emma Heming.’
      • ‘She was my number one girl crush until she married my number one boy crush.’
      • ‘A thinking woman's woman (and long-time girl crush of mine), Weisz is described by Vogue as "the most interesting girl-next-door you'll ever meet".’
      • ‘By now you must know that you are my number one girl crush.’
      • ‘Girls risk getting into Single White Female territory when they start to become jealous or let their girl crush take advantage of them.’
      • ‘My girl crush this week is Marie Claire's own cover star Marion Cotillard.’