Definition of girdler in English:



  • 1archaic A maker of girdles.

  • 2An insect that removes rings of bark from trees.

    in combination ‘a twig-girdler’
    • ‘Pecan girdlers also are busy this time of year, girdling pencil-size or slightly larger branches.’
    • ‘In most cases, squirrels and twig girdlers do not pose serious harm to your trees.’
    • ‘The twig girdler is a long-horned, wood-boring beetle that lives in many hardwoods in Florida but does not cause serious damage.’
    • ‘Longhorned beetles known as twig girdlers are now laying eggs in the small branches of many hardwood trees.’
    • ‘Activity and habits of the twig girdler in Alabama have been noted and recorded periodically over several years.’