Definition of girdled lizard in English:

girdled lizard

(also girdle-tailed lizard)


  • An African lizard with rough or spiny scales which give a banded appearance to the body and tail.

    Genus Cordylus, family Cordylidae: several species, in particular the common (or Cape) girdled lizard (C. cordylus)

    Also called zonure
    • ‘This girdled lizard lives in cracked boulders in montane grassland or well-wooded lower slopes.’
    • ‘All of the girdle-tailed lizards have very thick scales.’
    • ‘Like the Cordylids they are often found around rocks, but are definitely less sociable than the girdle-tailed lizards.’
    • ‘When he retired a few years ago, park officials hurriedly called him back because other scouts were unable to coax out the common flat lizards, geckos, agamas, skinks and plated or girdled lizards.’
    • ‘Some chameleons, for example, have three prominent horns while girdle-tailed lizards have overlapping scaled armor.’