Definition of gippy tummy in English:

gippy tummy

(also gyppy tummy)


mass nounBritish
  • Diarrhoea affecting visitors to hot countries.

    • ‘Symptoms are similar to gippy tummy but the condition persists and can cause serious damage.’
    • ‘We were all suffering from ‘gyppy tummy’, which is not pleasant at the best of times.’
    • ‘I still have a gyppy tummy so have been going easy on the food.’
    • ‘He was usually the team member to suffer least from gippy tummy when on Himalayan expeditions.’
    • ‘Unaccustomed food, different water, too much sun, too much alcohol and quite frequently too much of everything else, including stress, leads to gyppy tummy.’


1940s: gippy, abbreviation of Egyptian.


gippy tummy