Definition of ginger-haired in English:



  • Having hair of a light reddish-yellow or orange-brown colour.

    ‘she was a small, ginger-haired girl’
    • ‘Lula was ginger-haired with brown eyes and a relentless practicality, which always made me feel I could relax and let her take care of everything.’
    • ‘There was very, very cute ginger-haired man at the bar.’
    • ‘He was fairly tall, ginger-haired, and far from being thin.’
    • ‘Gary was a tough ginger-haired midfielder signed from Nottingham Forest by Jack Charlton.’
    • ‘Tim, afraid of being exposed as ginger-haired, shaved his chest in the bedroom.’
    • ‘Besides, the ginger-haired singer has bigger concerns: like making sure he doesn't have to get a regular job anytime soon.’
    • ‘He has argued that mocking ginger-haired players is akin to racism.’
    • ‘He is young, ginger-haired and doesn't tell jokes.’
    • ‘A local businessman spotted the lanky, ginger-haired youngster's potential and took him under his wing.’
    • ‘An average blonde has about 140,000 hairs on their head, whereas ginger-haired people have a meagre 90,000.’