Definition of gin someone up in English:

gin someone up

phrasal verb

  • Arouse or intensify strong feelings in someone.

    ‘the goal of the convention is to gin up the faithful’
    • ‘If they want to gin up their constituents into active resentment of their federal government - they should look elsewhere.’
    • ‘One would have thought we would have ginned up the intelligence analysts and case officers who were capable of operating in that area.’
    • ‘First of all, it gins up the conservative base of the Republican Party.’
    • ‘Print and online publications are ginned up to shine an anecdote, an experience, into a gem that will be plucked and dittoed through the social media.’
    • ‘He's more than happy to accept the negative reviews and respond to them in a fashion that gins up his followers and financial contributors.’
    • ‘He knew when to pick a fight too-when to bait an umpire or tear up a rule book or hurl a third-base bag in order to fire up his team or gin up the fans.’
    • ‘The magazine was reporting the administration had a three point plan to come back after the debacle which included ginning up the base with tax cuts.’
    • ‘It's easy for kids to be ginned up at an assembly, but it's hard to work hard for the years and years of years that they must.’
    • ‘She is ginned up about the launch to the point of hyperbole, describing the app as "the most shoppable digital edition of any magazine."’
    • ‘We're headed to the party being given the ability to bring back symbolic issues so they don't have to talk about anything significant, so they can get the base ginned up for these November House and Senate elections.’