Definition of gin sling in English:

gin sling


  • A drink of gin and water, sweetened and flavoured with lemon or lime juice.

    • ‘Andrew Marr, all eloquence on the BBC, painted a vivid image of Tory grandees sipping gin slings in their back gardens instead of supporting the doomed leader.’
    • ‘It is not what I would expect from a gin sling modelled, like Pimm's, on the classic early l9th - century English fruit cups.’
    • ‘In 1931, Ambrose Pratt wrote in his book Magical Malaya, ‘The first glass [of gin sling] makes the whole world seem as roseate as its own crystal pinkness.’’
    • ‘Rev up on this long, and hopefully hot, Bank Holiday weekend not with a cerebral glass of wine, but with the original English gin sling.’
    • ‘If you're nostalgic for gin slings, parasols and fly whisks, the White House Rose Garden was the place to be last week.’


gin sling