Definition of gin-soaked in English:



  • Habitually drunk on gin.

    ‘two gin-soaked elderly women’
    • ‘The 12 dancers are portrayed as decayed, gin-soaked, limping Southern belles afraid of the light.’
    • ‘"Oh Hector," she moaned, humiliated, gin-soaked, in shock, hugging her knees.’
    • ‘He has managed to replace the image of a gin-soaked colonel in the shires with that of a young father conscientiously carrying out eco-friendly house improvements.’
    • ‘When personal rights are abridged in the name of the public good, conflict usually ensues, and gin-soaked London was no exception.’
    • ‘The gin-soaked world-weariness owes a massive debt to Raymond Chandler.’
    • ‘A gin-soaked, retired General from Cheltenham writes to The Telegraph to tell us how it should be done.’
    • ‘Readers get riveting stories about whippings from his gin-soaked father and being a less than perfect father himself to his own kids.’
    • ‘Today's super-wealthy no longer go off on four-month grand tours of Europe, play gin-soaked Gatsbyesque croquet tournaments or spend hours doing needlepoint.’
    • ‘Hogarth's hellish vision of a gin-soaked society was made all the more immediate to his contemporary audience by being set in a London location.’
    • ‘She tries to pass herself off as a gin-soaked sequined blues mama.’
    • ‘It should be obvious to even the casual observer that I am in fact a "gin-soaked popinjay".’
    • ‘We think of the midcentury as a gin-soaked era.’
    • ‘Maybe he would be gin-soaked and get too touchy-feely with the cashier at the grocery store.’
    • ‘The first truly great English artist, William Hogarth, provided a savage commentary on a gin-soaked London scene which balanced violence with elegance.’
    • ‘Inexpertly guarded by the gin-soaked Grace Poole, Antoinette dreams of making a big, warm fire.’
    • ‘With its sizzling mixture of accordions, fiddles and gin-soaked vocals it could be both bawdy and soulful.’
    • ‘As Henry, Newman is great as the gin-soaked drunk.’
    • ‘Her more interesting parts - such as the gin-soaked lonely heart in The Daytrippers, or a novelist attracted to a 15-year-old girl in Crush - have come from the independent sector.’
    • ‘I found her in the seat behind me, gin-soaked and belching while she dozed.’
    • ‘The show is a delightful, gin-soaked celebration of the work of Dorothy Parker, legendary American critic, columnist and queen of caustic wit.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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