Definition of gimmicky in English:



  • (of a trick or device) intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade.

    ‘gimmicky 3D effects’
    ‘scripts with gimmicky plots’
    • ‘For all its cartoon, show-tune feel, it doesn't sound contrived, forced, or gimmicky.’
    • ‘The more gimmicky the title, the less interesting the book!’
    • ‘Back in the 1960s, a guy named Castle became the king of gimmicky horror movies.’
    • ‘It's just one of the gimmicky things out there that appeal to the desire to look better.’
    • ‘This gimmicky attempt to kindle some public warmth for the nation's art is missing the point.’
    • ‘This recording is not reaching for grandiosity or gimmicky newness.’
    • ‘What we really need is a team of great players, not a gimmicky new uniform.’
    • ‘They were emboldened to explore further in the realm of gimmicky profit reports.’
    • ‘Have you ever eaten one of those gimmicky 10-pound steaks in one sitting just to win a T-shirt or get your name on a plaque?’
    • ‘In later seasons, things would get a little gimmicky.’