Definition of gimlet-eyed in English:



  • See gimlet eye

    • ‘When I open a beer, I do not want to be reminded of grey-suited, gimlet-eyed executives bludgeoning satire into an early grave.’
    • ‘I am fixed with a gimlet-eyed stare: ‘I find it hard to turn anything else into music.’’
    • ‘And he points out a gimlet-eyed eagle perched in a tree.’
    • ‘I took my own kids to see it, ready to have my emotions plundered and, sure enough, before it was halfway through, tears were coursing down my cheeks, much to the disgust of the gimlet-eyed gang along the row.’
    • ‘In one picture, she turns a gimlet-eyed gaze on a curvy babe dancing with a mustached man.’