Definition of gilt-edged in English:



  • 1(especially of paper or a book) having a gilded edge or edges.

    • ‘Embroidery lay abandoned on a round table along with a book, three gilt-edged porcelain cups still containing tea, and a teapot.’
    • ‘All around them were gilt-edged chairs and tables, cushioned with soft red and black velvet.’
    • ‘The letters, often with the envelope, were carefully mounted on 12 gilt-edged leaves.’
    • ‘Small black-and-white photos accent walls dominated by two gilt-edged mirrors.’
    • ‘The wedding bill will include gilt-edged invites, $300,000 floral displays and a 10-tier cake costing $10,000.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting stocks or securities (such as gilts) that are regarded as extremely reliable investments.
      • ‘Every investment, be it the bluest chip or the most gilt-edged government bond, carries some element of risk.’
      • ‘But there is another outcome that some in the market cannot discount, and which has caused the recent flurry of interest in inflation-linked gilt-edged stock.’
      • ‘Even the largest gilt-edged issues were only a quarter of this size.’
      • ‘Her personal income, from a minimum $450 million in gilt-edged assets, is not disclosed.’
      • ‘This means more investment in long-dated gilt-edged stock for the greater certainty of returns, and less in volatile equities.’