Definition of gilgai in English:


(also gilgai hole)


  • A hollow where rainwater collects; a waterhole.

    • ‘It will not grow in seasonally flooded gilgais in brigalow clay soils.’
    • ‘The lakebed soils are a mosaic of grey and red heavy clays and in places contain channels and gilgais.’
    • ‘In the Australian examples this is due to gilgai, in the Sudanese example to differential compaction of the soil on weathering.’
    • ‘One of only four aquatic frogs (those able to feed underwater) known to live in Australia, this frog inhabits the continent's driest areas, hunting in gilgais after rain for insects, shrimps and tadpoles.’
    • ‘Rainfall is sporadic, and collects mainly in shallow gilgais - those characteristic undulations, mounds and depressions found extensively in the outback.’


From Wiradhuri and Kamilaroi gilgaay.