Definition of gilded cage in English:

gilded cage


  • A luxurious but restrictive environment.

    ‘this child of privilege is stretching the bars of his gilded cage’
    ‘only a bird in a gilded cage’
    • ‘The price you pay for this perfection is isolation: you are effectively a prisoner in a gilded cage.’
    • ‘At first she did fight back, but I eventually succeeded in breaking her down into my submissive wife, a bird trapped in a gilded cage.’
    • ‘For a moment, the gilded cage looked pretty enticing from the outside.’
    • ‘So many people envied me, but they didn't realize that I was just a pretty bird in a gilded cage.’
    • ‘In private she was known occasionally to express a measure of frustration over the gilded cage in which she lived, but in public she carried that burden lightly.’