Definition of gilded in English:



  • 1Covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint.

    ‘an elegant gilded birdcage’
    ‘a painted and gilded wooden ceiling’
    • ‘All the components survive as listed, apart from the case curtains, their gilded curtain rod, and the embroidered crimson cover for the headboard, with its magnificent raised embroidery.’
    • ‘He matched his white pants and shirt with a vest cut from white brocade and decorated with gilded charms.’
    • ‘Its upper door panels are painted with birds and butterflies on a gilded background.’
    • ‘The body of the vase is painted in turquoise with gilded female torsos in high relief leaning back against large scrolls simulating handles.’
    • ‘His gaze traveled up to the ceiling, where elaborate moldings surrounded a large, impressive, crystal chandelier, which stemmed from a gilded ceiling medallion.’
    • ‘Two gilded thrones, now covered in royal blue draperies, were placed at the far end of the room.’
    • ‘A pair of white shoes in front of a gilded door completed the cover.’
    • ‘Its lower parts are of white marble, but the upper parts are covered with plates of gilded copper.’
    • ‘The walls were not covered in the dark mahogany wood, with gilded trim which adorned most of the other walls in the casino.’
    • ‘He stopped in front of the large vanity mirror framed in gilded gold and straightened his tie.’
    • ‘The gilded frame gleamed, here and there patches of the coarse wood underneath shone through.’
    • ‘Metalwork was routinely enamelled; ivories often partly gilded and painted.’
    • ‘In the living room, I traced the gilded edges of the tables and chairs carefully, hoping gold dust would cling to my fingers.’
    • ‘Much of the ceiling is fretwork, and fresco par-excellence, in gilded gold.’
    • ‘It was a large sitting room, covered with gilded mahogany paneling, and pale green floral carpet.’
    • ‘The occasional flashes of sun reflect off the gilded domes of those cathedrals which aren't covered in scaffolding in preparation for the anniversary celebrations.’
    • ‘It is composed of the biggest arches I have ever walked under, and almost everything seems to be made of marble, gold, gilded marble, or marbleized gold.’
    • ‘Clearly, this is a formal room, from the gilded antique furnishings to the sapphire blue drapes covering the full-length windows.’
    • ‘As the story goes, Heron suspected that his crown was not pure gold but gilded silver.’
    • ‘She was looking for the kitchen, but all she kept encountering were well appointed and gilded rooms.’
    cover with gold, paint gold, lacquer gold, inlay with gold
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    1. 1.1 Wealthy and privileged.
      ‘he saw plain, decent boys transformed to gilded, roistering youths’
      • ‘Like a gilded self-fulfilling prophecy, wealth and prestige beget greater wealth and prestige, with dramatic implications for the future of postsecondary education.’
      • ‘Having seen how disruptive it is to family life to be forcibly relocated to even a gilded sanctuary, I have an increased sense of just how horrible it must be for parents living in the Third World.’
      • ‘That means Augusta receives more dough from the public than from its own gilded members.’
      • ‘But the London painted here, the Britain painted here, is a gilded, desirable place, magnificent yet homely, where rumours of empire intrude only as exotic hints.’
      • ‘But the film can't overcome its director's ham-fisted sermonizing on how those with little get the short shrift while the privileged play by a gilded rulebook.’