Definition of Gila monster in English:

Gila monster


  • A venomous beaded lizard native to the south-western US and Mexico.

    Heloderma suspectum, family Helodermatidae

    • ‘At rest, Gila monsters and beaded lizards have among the lowest metabolic rates ever measured in lizards - far lower than the rates in monitor lizards.’
    • ‘The only poisonous lizards are the Gila monster and the beaded lizard, both of which live in the desserts of Mexico and Arizona.’
    • ‘He studied the saliva of Gila monsters because lizards sense prey with their tongues.’
    • ‘Moreover, like many snakes - but unlike any other lizards - Gila monsters and beaded lizards are venomous.’
    • ‘The drugs are based on a compound first identified in the saliva of the venomous Gila monster.’


Late 19th century: named after Gila, a river in New Mexico and Arizona.


Gila monster