Definition of gigahertz in English:


(also GHz, gHz)


  • A measure of frequency equivalent to one thousand million (10⁹) cycles per second.

    • ‘All the wireless usage was taking place in the frequency known as 2.4 gigahertz, where signals cycle 2.4 billion times a second.’
    • ‘After all, clock speed - as measured in megahertz and gigahertz - is too simplistic a metric for rating chips.’
    • ‘In the past couple of years, oscilloscopes have sailed through the gigahertz barrier.’
    • ‘The base frequency selected was five gigahertz, a range in which future commercial transmission channels are likely to operate.’
    • ‘The speed of processors, usually known as clock speed, is measured in megahertz or these days in gigahertz (GHz).’