Definition of gigabit in English:


(also Gb)


  • A unit of information equal to one thousand million (10⁹) or (strictly) 2³⁰ bits.

    • ‘We are averaging 2.5 gigabits per second being pulled off the Internet, peaking at 5 gigs in the evening.’
    • ‘A megabit is one million bits; a gigabit is one billion bits.’
    • ‘For example, it's been estimated that a photonic internet could transmit data at 160 gigabits per second, which is thousands of times faster than today's typical high-speed connection.’
    • ‘The total bandwidth per port ranges from 3 gigabits to more than 60 gigabits per second.’
    • ‘Current disc drives in production are at levels of nearly 50 gigabits per square inch.’