Definition of gifted in English:



  • Having exceptional talent or natural ability:

    ‘a gifted amateur musician’
    • ‘We had arrived the day before New Year's Eve, and that evening, one of our number, a gifted amateur chef, prepared an elaborate meal.’
    • ‘But like America, it is learning to tap the talents of ambitious and gifted people from abroad.’
    • ‘A gifted natural, Gerry got into the trade shortly afterwards and quickly developed his current rep as one of the top locksmiths in town.’
    • ‘A gifted musician who is adept at playing just about every instrument, Austin first began playing music at the age of 7.’
    • ‘A gifted, natural athlete who can be on top of this game for 10 to 12 years.’
    • ‘The superbly talented lady is a gifted songwriter and performer and possesses one of the most instantly recognisable voices in country music.’
    • ‘He was also a gifted poet and musician and spent the latter part of his life writing poems about the everyday affairs of the area and its people.’
    • ‘I remember in particular one extremely talented girl - a gifted elocutionist and actor.’
    • ‘In addition to their academic abilities, brother and sister are both gifted musicians.’
    • ‘She was a gifted musician, her speciality was the traditional tin whistle.’
    • ‘To boot, he is a gifted writer, a natural wit and a passionate defender of liberal values.’
    • ‘It is a chance for the gifted ones to display their natural talents.’
    • ‘The second was entirely due to the confidence and ability of the gifted Italian striker.’
    • ‘You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Chloe is a gifted musician, studying piano, guitar and recorder, as well as being an accomplished singer.’
    • ‘It seems normal to them that their city is a magnet for talented musicians, gifted filmmakers, brilliant financiers.’
    • ‘They are able to identify those who are gifted and talented at a very young age and help their development, using coaches to move them forward.’
    • ‘For the most able children, the existing programme for gifted and talented youngsters will be extended to infants so their potential can be stretched.’
    • ‘The days of lion tamers and dancing elephants seem to be well and truly gone, and the stars of the modern circus seem to be the weird and wonderful talents of gifted human beings.’
    • ‘He is undoubtedly a talented satirist, a gifted writer, and has a pleasantly English sense of humour.’
    talented, skilful, skilled, accomplished, expert, consummate, first-rate, polished, adroit, dexterous, able, competent, capable, apt, deft, adept, proficient
    intelligent, clever, bright, brilliant, quick, sharp, perceptive
    precocious, advanced for one's age, old beyond one's years, forward, ahead of one's peers, mature
    crack, top-notch, top-drawer, top-hole, ace, wizard, genius
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