Definition of gift coupon in English:

gift coupon


  • A voucher given as a gift, product promotion, etc. and exchangeable for goods.

    ‘gift coupons from online orders cannot be redeemed in store’
    • ‘Rather than give cash or a gift that they may not need, people have started presenting friends and relatives with gift coupons.’
    • ‘Those wearing seat belts could look forward to surprise gift coupons during the campaign, which can be redeemed later.’
    • ‘Someone popped one of the balloons, hoping to get the gift coupon that was attached to it.’
    • ‘I am sure all of you have redeemed many gift coupons at restaurants or shopping malls.’
    • ‘The customers will get a gift coupon for buying gold ornaments from the member shops and there is no minimum limit for the purchase.’
    • ‘The boss gave Marco a gift coupon to his favorite bike store, describing how Marco's astute work during the weekend probably salvaged the firm's reputation.’
    • ‘Selecting a gift can be tricky, which is why gift coupons are becoming popular this festive season.’
    • ‘The problem of delayed deliveries is real and there is nothing much the seller can do, beyond offering a cash refund or gift coupons.’
    • ‘Teams finishing 4th, 5th and 6th walked away with gift coupons and certificates.’
    • ‘Incentives, such as a bonus, time off, or gift coupons, can influence worker production.’