Definition of gift aid in English:

gift aid


  • 1British A scheme enabling registered charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation:

    ‘using Gift Aid means that the taxman will add 28p to every pound you give’
    [as modifier] ‘Gift Aid donations’
    • ‘Please click here for a Gift Aid Form.’
    • ‘With Gift Aid, the total amount raised on the night was £3,104 which will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee.’
    • ‘The total will be boosted by a contribution from the Inland Revenue under the Gift Aid Scheme for Charities.’
    • ‘If you give to charity you can increase the amount the charity gets by using Gift Aid, or payroll giving.’
    • ‘Anyone wanting to make a donation should ideally make a gift aid declaration, which enables the trust to reclaim tax.’
    • ‘Gift Aid works by your chosen charity reclaiming basic rate tax on your gift from the Inland Revenue.’
    • ‘The partner with the higher tax rate should claim the gift aid relief.’
    • ‘Included in the accounts is a personal donation which, including gift aid, amounts to £256,000.’
    • ‘Gift Aid is a way for registered charities to claim back income tax individual givers have paid.’
    • ‘You can make tax-efficient donations to charity through the Gift Aid scheme.’
    • ‘It is, of course, charitable giving under the Gift Aid scheme.’
    • ‘Gift Aid can increase the amount donated at no cost to the donor.’
    • ‘She said: "People should remember that taxpayers can do Gift Aid."’
    • ‘This turns a £10 Gift Aid donation into £12.80 for the charity.’
    • ‘Gift Aid donations from taxpayers attract basic-rate tax relief at 22% at the very least.’
    • ‘In 2002, about 31% of charitable donations in Britain were made through Gift Aid.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the Revenue & Customs said: "The point of Gift Aid is for the charity to reclaim tax."’
    • ‘In April 2000, the Government revised the Gift Aid regulations.’
    • ‘Last year alone, 56,000 charities claimed over half a billion pounds extra through the Gift Aid scheme.’
    • ‘Everyone (except the Inland Revenue) is a winner with Gift Aid!’
  • 2US Financial aid which does not require repayment, such as student grants and scholarships:

    ‘there are four types of federal grants that could help you pay for college, all of which fall under the umbrella of gift aid’
    • ‘This is the best type of aid available and it is categorically referred to as 'Gift Aid,' because you are not required to pay it back after graduation.’
    • ‘"When it comes to gift aid, it is critical for students and families to understand any requirements that must be met to remain eligible for these funds."’
    • ‘Gift aid equals all scholarships and grants both merit and need based, and from federal, state and institutional sources.’
    • ‘Students and families must understand the difference between "gift aid" (scholarships and grants) and "self-help aid" (work-study programs and loans requiring repayment).’
    • ‘There are other variables, such as family size, number of children in college, and family strength in assets which can mean that some families in a given income range will receive more gift aid, while others will receive less.’


  • Make (a donation) to a registered charity under the Gift Aid scheme:

    ‘he gift-aided the money—which added quite a lot to the total’
    • ‘If you are a UK Tax Payer we can claim 22 % extra on anything you "Gift Aid".’
    • ‘And, with this scheme, it will be possible for donors to remain anonymous but still Gift Aid their donations.’
    • ‘The charity stresses joining the club need not cost a fortune as UK taxpayers can gift-aid donations to reclaim the tax they have paid.’
    • ‘People donating should Gift Aid their contribution - Gift Aid means an extra 28p in every pound they give will go to those in need.’
    • ‘The Diocese of Leeds is hoping to pay for the work to St Anne's by asking parishioners to pledge a £20 donation, gift-aided for five years.’
    • ‘In future, you will be able to "gift aid" the entrance fee only if it gives free access to the property for a year or is at least 10% more than the standard entrance fee.’
    • ‘This company gift aids all its profits to the charity.’
    • ‘We ask you to Gift Aid your contributions where possible and consider other ways you can donate money tax-effectively.’
    • ‘Under current income tax rates, every pound you gift-aid provides us with approximately £1.28 after we have reclaimed income tax at the basic rate of 22%.’
    • ‘Please ask your Local Secretary how you can Gift Aid your donations - even Red Box donations can be included if you are a tax payer.’
    • ‘Don't forget to Gift-Aid your gift, as that way for every £1 you give, Gordon Brown gives 28p!’
    • ‘Charities get an extra 28p for every pound that is gift-aided.’
    • ‘All donations to the appeal can be Gift-Aided, allowing us to claim 28p from the Inland Revenue for every pound donated.’
    • ‘This repayment can be gift-aided making it even more valuable (by an extra 28%) to the charity.’
    • ‘If you have paid to visit a large house or beautiful garden recently you have probably been asked to "gift aid" your entrance fee.’
    • ‘Anyone is welcome to become "one in a thousand", and taxpayers will be able to gift aid their donations, bringing in even more funds.’
    • ‘And if you are a UK tax payer, you can also choose to Gift Aid your donation.’