Definition of giddy-making in English:



  • Causing dizziness, disorientation, or excitement.

    ‘a giddy-making view of the waterfall’
    ‘power is so giddy-making, isn't it?’
    • ‘I love your list, although it is rather giddy-making.’
    • ‘The paintings are absolutely giddy-making.’
    • ‘Ploughing through the rain at night with headlights ablaze and all the cockpit instruments aglow... it's just giddy-making.’
    • ‘The bridge makes a sturdy but giddy-making pathway over the water.’
    • ‘Go for that kaleidoscopic thrill, dizzying ascent, and giddy-making freefall—and delight in your canopy ride over this country's most beautiful land.’
    • ‘That's like deciding between chocolate cake and chocolate cheesecake. Both are too good, too satisfying, too giddy-making to resist.’
    • ‘It really was very beautiful, if a bit giddy-making.’
    • ‘Spatially, the building has the drama of the central voids and skygardens: often rather giddy-making.’
    • ‘The widescreen TV spews up a giddy-making cocktail of current affairs.’
    • ‘It's really easy to get so wrapped up in the giddy-making little details that we forget to take a step back to make sure what we're doing is actually good.’
    dizzy-making, causing dizziness, causing giddiness
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