Definition of giddiness in English:



  • 1A sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizziness.

    ‘symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and giddiness’
    • ‘She still suffers from bouts of vomiting blood, headache and giddiness.’
    • ‘The inner ear is the site of origin of giddiness in nearly 90 per cent of patients.’
    • ‘Giddiness is a common problem that can be almost disabling.’
    • ‘He complained of giddiness, shivering, vomiting and pains all over his body.’
    • ‘What are the precautions I have to take to prevent giddiness from occurring again with any diet restrictions?’
    • ‘I was feeling no pain, just that giddiness that comes from a lack of oxygen.’
    • ‘She insists on just sitting in her chair until the giddiness passes.’
    • ‘Extreme anxiety can cause giddiness, heart palpitations, headaches or stomach disorders.’
    • ‘My 13-year-old son has suffered from sickness, giddiness and headaches for about three years.’
    • ‘Your history and tests suggest you have vertigo, which is a condition of imbalance with giddiness.’
    • ‘One month ago, the giddiness was severe and I was bedridden for about four days.’
    • ‘Giddiness can be controlled by medication or surgery.’
    • ‘In larger doses, black cohosh can cause dizziness, headaches, giddiness, nausea, and vomiting.’
    • ‘A similar degeneration in the neck bones can cause unsteadiness and giddiness.’
    • ‘It affects nerve centres of the head and spine and produces giddiness and deafness.’
    • ‘In the early stages, I had giddiness, which was got over by taking Stemetil.’
    • ‘I question whether the persistent giddiness I feel around bristlecones is the altitude or a sense of their profound preeminence.’
    • ‘A 19 year old college student was admitted with complaints of not talking and giddiness.’
    • ‘The path requires visitors to be free from giddiness, and sturdy shoes might be a good idea too.’
    • ‘She and her family had been suffering from severe headaches, giddiness and nausea.’
    dizziness, light-headedness, loss of balance, loss of equilibrium, spinning of the head, swimming of the head
    faintness, weakness at the knees, unsteadiness, shakiness, wobbliness
    mirligoes, dwalm
    wooziness, legs like jelly, rubbery legs
    megrim, sturdy, scotoma
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  • 2A state of excitable frivolity.

    ‘the fans can be forgiven their giddiness’
    • ‘I tried to be careful what I said, but dang if the giddiness of new friendship doesn't sometimes overwhelm my better judgment.’
    • ‘The latter reaction was simply a giddiness at having managed to get free of bourgeois restraint.’
    • ‘Every time it opens its waxed mustached mouth to shout a line, a sense of nostalgic giddiness overcomes the viewer.’
    • ‘I recall bringing the cheese home with a feeling of giddiness.’
    • ‘They all enjoy themselves to the point of giddiness.’
    • ‘The fans, though, can be forgiven their giddiness.’
    • ‘They bring to mind the pop of Champagne corks, the confetti, the giddiness, the hubbub.’
    • ‘There should be a joy, not empty and shallow giddiness, but joy as we go about our lives.’
    • ‘She is cute, clean and full of giddiness.’
    • ‘At first, I thought it was just the innocent giddiness of young children.’
    • ‘The strange giddiness of the first movement is immediately subdued by the grave brass chorale that opens the dark second movement.’
    • ‘I was beaming on the inside with happiness, on the verge of giddiness, as the clock ran down.’
    • ‘His desire to be of service to her only increased her giddiness.’
    • ‘Certainly, some late-night giddiness contributed, too.’
    • ‘Only four weeks to go before the big day and instead of enjoying the pre-wedding giddiness, I am a wreck.’
    • ‘So I think the kind of giddiness that we had last summer is over.’
    • ‘Some giddiness is to be expected.’
    • ‘Our teacher ended the giddiness soon enough.’
    • ‘Eliza was delighted to the point of giddiness.’
    • ‘By the time I was finally able to rip open that dang plastic cover, the giddiness was oozing out of my ears.’