Definition of Gibraltarian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Gibraltar or its people.

    ‘experts appointed by the Gibraltarian government’
    • ‘The Gibraltarian government announced production of the world's first stamp commemorating the birth of Prince George.’
    • ‘The 21-year-old footballer was born in Oxford but qualifies to play for the national side because his father is Gibraltarian.’
    • ‘I am Gibraltarian, however my mother was Spanish and my grandmother Portuguese.’
    • ‘UEFA membership means that we can begin the next chapter of Gibraltarian football.’
    • ‘The book tells the story of the island and its people, showing how an authentic Gibraltarian community arose as the British Empire first grew, then declined.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Gilbraltar.

    ‘crowds of Gibraltarians gathered at the foot of the cliff face’
    • ‘Richard, actively involved with The Rock for the last 14 years, explains what it means to be a Gibraltarian.’
    • ‘Many Spaniards, and Gibraltarians who chose to live in Spain, commute to work every day across the border.’
    • ‘Gibraltarians vote in elections to the European Parliament as part of the South-West England constituency.’
    • ‘Midfielder Daniel Duarte also cleared a ball off the line as the Gibraltarians held firm to halftime.’
    • ‘A Gibraltarian once again puts Gibraltar on the map!’