Definition of gibbsite in English:



mass noun
  • A colourless mineral consisting of hydrated aluminium hydroxide, occurring chiefly as a constituent of bauxite or in encrustations.

    • ‘‘This particular sample is a cryptocrystalline stalactitic aggregate, composed of concentric layers of gibbsite of variable purity.’’
    • ‘The remaining clay component from the limestone can be further altered by these acids and, over time, it is converted to aluminium oxyhydroxide minerals such as gibbsite, diaspore, and boehmite.’
    • ‘The Al concentration is adapted to equilibrium with gibbsite.’
    • ‘Its structure is predicted from the known structures of nordstrandite and gibbsite on the basis of similarities in X-ray precession photographs in two zones.’
    • ‘Only detailed sampling of early weathering stages combined with suitable analytical techniques can reveal the presence of gibbsite as a primary weathering product in certain weathering crusts of acid igneous rocks.’


Early 19th century: named after George Gibbs (1776–1833), American mineralogist, + -ite.