Definition of gibbous moon in English:

gibbous moon


  • The phase of the moon in which its illuminated part is greater than a semicircle and less than a circle.

    ‘a gibbous moon hung in the pre-dawn sky’
    • ‘The desert beyond is dimly visible in the light of the gibbous moon.’
    • ‘A wan and gibbous moon appeared briefly before it followed the sun.’
    • ‘The treetops were bathed in moonlight from the gibbous moon but beneath their boughs the shadows held sway.’
    • ‘Tonight, the bright crater Aristarchus is visible on the gibbous Moon.’
    • ‘The open doors to the garden let in the hard white light of the gibbous moon, and the heady smell of night-blooming flowers.’
    • ‘The gibbous moon rides low across the southern sky these evenings, and for the next few days it is crossing the constellation of Scorpius.’
    • ‘The rising gibbous moon was ghostly from New Jersey, but by the Manhattan evening it was sharp and bright.’
    • ‘She set off through the dark, silent woods, as the gibbous moon surfaced from its sea of clouds.’
    • ‘The cloudiness will decrease and the waning gibbous moon will shine later tonight.’
    • ‘The waning gibbous moon was obscured by thick clouds so I had trouble making out the road in front of me.’