Definition of gibberellic acid in English:

gibberellic acid


mass noun
  • A gibberellin which is used commercially, notably in germinating barley for malt.

    • ‘Several of these mutants are insensitive to gibberellic acid.’
    • ‘A number of alternative dwarfing genes have been reported to reduce plant height in wheat but show sensitivity to exogenous gibberellic acid.’
    • ‘At our botanic garden we have successfully produced seedlings by treating the seeds with gibberellic acid before sowing.’
    • ‘They assessed the reaction of a collection of dwarf barley lines to the application of gibberellic acid.’
    • ‘The effects of gibberellic acid on stomatal diffusive resistance have been shown previously.’


1950s: gibberellic from modern Latin Gibberella (see gibberellin) + -ic.


gibberellic acid