Definition of giardiasis in English:



mass noun
  • Infection of the intestine with a flagellate protozoan, which causes diarrhoea and other symptoms.

    The protozoan is Giardia lamblia, phylum Metamonada, kingdom Protista

    • ‘A child who has diarrhea from giardiasis may lose too much fluid in the stool and become dehydrated.’
    • ‘A history of gradual onset of a mild diarrhea helps differentiate giardiasis or other parasite infections from bacterial etiologies.’
    • ‘If your diarrhea lasts more than one week after returning, parasites such as giardiasis or amebiasis should be looked for.’
    • ‘Medicinal herbs can be used to both alleviate the symptoms of giardiasis and clear the infection.’
    • ‘Local health hazards such as rabies, Lyme disease, giardiasis and maybe other problems need extra planning.’


Early 20th century: from modern Latin Giardia (from the name of Alfred M. Giard (1846–1908), French biologist) + -asis.