Definition of giantlike in English:



  • See giant

    • ‘It is barely a decade since astronomers began to find ‘extra-solar’ planets in orbit around other stars; but even with some 170 such planets found to date, they all seem to be giantlike and too close to their suns, and thus unsuitable for Life.’
    • ‘I do not know what it was that ailed me, but I was prepared to be alarmed, when of a surety I saw something standing in the hedge, ghastly, giantlike, and with outstretched arms.’
    • ‘As the ‘black, horrible, giantlike mass was thrust out of the water they beheld a colossal elephant's head.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Mike is caught by Dr. Badham, and his assistant Angus, a giantlike man with a child's mind.’
    • ‘He describes their thoughts as giantlike and godlike, stressing the manhood he sees in simply thinking rather than doing.’