Definition of giant squid in English:

giant squid


  • An enormous deep-sea squid, reaching a length of 13 metres (43 feet) or more.

    Genus Architeuthis, family Architeuthidae

    • ‘A rare giant squid - the first to be found off the UK coast for 53 years - is to be put on display, it was announced yesterday.’
    • ‘He was able to shoot a variety of animals, including other species of squid, but the giant squid remained elusive.’
    • ‘It is believed that the giant squid travels at speeds of over 75 miles an hour.’
    • ‘The giant squid has always enjoyed a reputation of mythic proportions.’
    • ‘Their latest findings show that giant squids, the largest invertebrates on Earth, live about 14 years or less and tend to live at depths of 125 to 250 meters.’