Definition of giant puffball in English:

giant puffball


  • A European fungus which produces a spherical white fruiting body with a diameter of up to 80 cm, edible when young.

    Langermannia gigantea, family Lycoperdaceae, class Gasteromycetes

    • ‘Fungi vary in size from single-cell micro-organisms, too small to be seen by the naked eye, to the giant puffball.’
    • ‘Leaving the cliffs was a wrench, but the way back through the hinterland was pleasant if relatively plain, a bridge over the abandoned railway line, decent farms, a giant puffball, good track, a quiet lane, no complaints.’
    • ‘Neil Pullen, the Swindon wildlife officer for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, confirmed that the fungi were giant puffballs.’
    • ‘A spokesman said what Mrs Crowe had discovered was a giant puffball which, he said, were not all that uncommon.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It sounds like a giant puffball to me, which can make very good eating for a lot of people if it is in good condition.’’