Definition of giant petrel in English:

giant petrel


  • The largest petrel, which is found around southern oceans, has a massive bill, and scavenges from carcasses.

    Genus Macronectes, family Procellariidae: two species

    • ‘Fishing experts estimate that about 60,000 sea birds including about 2,000 giant petrels and around 10,000 albatrosses are killed this way every year.’
    • ‘The rest stay aboard a 233-foot Finnish research vessel, taking day trips to see the island's king penguins, elephant seals, and giant petrels.’
    • ‘Finally, the scientist reaches her quarry: a colony of southern giant petrels whose nests atop these rocky heights are filled with hungry hatchlings.’
    • ‘On our way there we enjoyed giant petrels, a new species for the trip.’
    • ‘Why are southern giant petrels thriving on one peninsula, but declining almost everywhere else?’