Definition of giant gourami in English:

giant gourami


  • A large edible freshwater fish that is native to Asia. It is widely farmed there and has been introduced elsewhere.

    Family Osphronemidae and genus Osphronemus, in particular O. goramy

    • ‘Your tank won't hold those two giant gourami for long though.’
    • ‘In the Tropics giant gouramis are kept as pond fish, where they are a more appropriate alternative to goldfish or koi.’
    • ‘It really is impressive to see a huge shoals of giant pacus, giant gouramis and pangasius all swimming around.’
    • ‘Not sure if they had the giant gouramis when I was there though.’
    • ‘Many Indian species like catfish, dwarf and giant gourami, and barbs are popular abroad and fetch good prices.’