Definition of giant deer in English:

giant deer


  • another term for Irish elk
    • ‘Scientists at University College London studied DNA and skeletal remains of the extinct giant deer, or Irish elk, to construct its family tree.’
    • ‘The antlers of the giant deer, or Irish elk, grew as large as 10 feet across.’
    • ‘The now extinct giant deer, or elk, lived in Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene period of the Great Ice Age, but the largest concentration of its remains have been discovered in Ireland, most commonly in the underlying bog land.’
    • ‘In lower latitudes, mastodons and elephants, giant deer and ox, beavers, dogs and cats, and other familiar species existed in the forests and grasslands.’
    • ‘For example, the woolly rhinoceros, giant deer, the moose-like giraffe shown in the slide, and the cave bear were found only in Eurasia and Africa.’