Definition of giant anteater in English:

giant anteater


  • A large insectivorous mammal with long, coarse fur, large claws, an elongated snout, and a long tongue for catching ants. It is native to Central and South America.

    Myrmecophaga tridactyla, family Myrmecophagidae, order Xenartha (or Edentata)

    • ‘Wheeling his truck along rutted savanna trails, he found giant anteaters, monk parakeets, and a pair of crab-eating foxes.’
    • ‘They also take some beetle larvae and bees, and in captivity giant anteaters accept some fruit.’
    • ‘The thrust of Tompkins' activity is conservation, built around a 30-year management plan that foresees the eventual creation of another national park and the reintroduction of such species as the giant anteater, river otter and jaguar.’
    • ‘In Brazil's Pantanal, South America's largest wetlands, you'll stalk giant anteaters, armadillos, maned wolves, and jaguars.’
    • ‘The giant anteater of South America is about the size of a German shepherd dog.’