Definition of ghusl in English:



mass noun
  • Ritual washing of the whole body, as prescribed by Islamic law to be performed in preparation for prayer and worship, and after sexual activity, childbirth, menstruation, etc.

    Compare with wudu
    • ‘Have you ever thought where do the poor, living in one room houses or even those residing in congested flats manage to give the dead a decent ghusl?’
    • ‘It is related from Aisha that the Prophet would rise in the morning on a fasting day and then would perform ghusl (bathing).’
    • ‘She may not offer the two rak'ats nafil salat of Ihram until she is fully clean and performed the obligatory ghusl.’
    • ‘Muslims have the custom of ghusl, washing of the whole body, recommended, for example, before touching the holy Koran.’
    • ‘Menstruating or post-partum women have to postpone the Tawaaf till they can perform ghusl.’


Arabic ġusl ‘washing’, from ġasala ‘to wash’.