Definition of ghostly in English:



  • Of or like a ghost in appearance or sound; eerie and unnatural.

    ‘a frightening, ghostly figure with a hood’
    • ‘There have been reported sightings of a ghostly figure wandering through the pub in Shirley.’
    • ‘Outside, through the open door, ghostly fleets of bicycles glided past.’
    • ‘You start in the catacombs but beware ghostly ghouls at every turn!’
    • ‘A ghostly figure appeared next to Max and stood, watching the band with him.’
    • ‘Her eyes widened, as she stared at a ghostly figure, standing in the middle of the clearing.’
    • ‘Long gone are the days when all it took for a good fright was an unexpected ghostly face to appear onscreen.’
    • ‘Jackson has wide, ghostly eyes, unusually pale skin, and traces of a beard and moustache.’
    • ‘Yet when we look again, they are simultaneously pale, frozen, ghostly and glassy eyed.’
    • ‘Her whole body has a ghostly appearance, although there's nothing to see through it.’
    • ‘Strange noises, ghostly footsteps and ice cold winds haunt staff working late into the night.’
    • ‘The ghostly blue light of a television flickered behind the curtains.’
    • ‘Survivors, covered from head to toe in white dust, cut ghostly figures as they stood coughing.’
    • ‘Her ghostly figure has been seen at the foot of the stairs by visitors and staff.’
    • ‘So that ghostly form that appears in front of your car at night may very well be a tawny.’
    • ‘And there's no shortage of folk willing to go public about their ghostly experiences.’
    • ‘In the harsh light cast by the sun against the snow, she appeared ghostly, unreal, eerily beautiful.’
    • ‘Paul's ghostly figure followed behind, unseen and undetected by everyone but her.’
    • ‘Often eerie and ghostly, but always captivating, these songs simply demand your attention.’
    • ‘The story is connected to the present by a woman, renting a cottage in Haworth, who sees a ghostly figure.’
    • ‘The original house was built on an ancient graveyard and its last owner is rumoured to have fled in terror at the ghostly goings on.’
    ghostlike, spectral, phantom, wraithlike, phantasmal, phantasmic, unearthly, unnatural, supernatural, other-worldly, insubstantial, illusory, unreal, shadowy, eerie, weird, uncanny, mysterious, magical, mystic, strange, abnormal, freakish
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Old English gāstlic, from gāst ‘ghost’.