Definition of ghost site in English:

ghost site


  • A website that is no longer maintained or updated but can still be accessed and viewed online.

    ‘this ghost site has gone ten long years without being freshened’
    • ‘There has been a lot of press lately about the proliferation of bots and ghost sites suddenly inflating the available inventory on exchanges and real-time marketplaces.’
    • ‘Since many sites don't identify their date of last update, it's not always easy to tell whether a site is a ghost site or just resting.’
    • ‘Even when sites try to die, they persist as the undead or ghost sites.’
    • ‘Fraud: bots, ghost sites and redirects are enormously costly.’
    • ‘It'll stay online as a ghost site, along with other dead sites like Trailing Tiger, which will keep it company.’
    • ‘The difference between a ghost site and other abandoned sites is that the former contains a statement acknowledging that it is no longer being updated.’