Definition of ghost moth in English:

ghost moth

(also ghost swift)


  • A large European swift moth, the male of which has white wings.

    Hepialus humuli, family Hepialidae. See swift (sense 2 of the noun)

    • ‘Hepialidae (ghost moths or swifts) are, in terms of diversity and distribution, the most successful group of homoneurous primitive moths.’
    • ‘It is a ghost moth and said to be common, though it is some years since I have seen one here.’
    • ‘There are other ghost moths that are larger, which may have an even higher fecundity, but I've found no literature on egg number in these species.’
    • ‘Otherwise, where do I have an opportunity to start to collect live larvae of the ghost moths in USA?’
    • ‘This is a photo of a sparrow-sized moth called a ‘ghost moth’.’