Definition of ghost image in English:

ghost image


  • A faint secondary image caused by a fault in an optical system, duplicate signal transmission, etc.

    ‘the screen can be viewed from different positions without encountering ghost images’
    • ‘I am sorry for the slight ghost image from the reverse side of the paper - this is because the paper is very thin.’
    • ‘A ghost image appears on one of his tapes.’
    • ‘Important data as well as application and configuration files also can be included in the ghost image.’
    • ‘There are a couple of glitches and I thought I caught a ghost image, but the videotaped picture has, for the most part, held up well.’
    • ‘I did not notice any banding or ghost images, as described on the camera's website.’
    • ‘Internal reflections can end up producing ghost images or adding to lens flare.’
    • ‘It also enhances your 3D picture quality and cuts out ghost images to give you clearer and more immersive viewing.’
    • ‘The late arrival of the scattered portions of the signal caused ghost images.’
    • ‘Reflections from buildings would cause multiple ghost images on the screen.’
    • ‘When a static image remains on the screen for a long period of time, a ghost image can remain behind.’