Definition of ghost bat in English:

ghost bat


  • 1Any of a number of bats with mainly white or grey fur.

    • ‘Using echolocation, ghost bats hunt for large insects, lizards, frogs, birds and even other bats.’
    • ‘African and Asian false vampires and Australian ghost bats, the largest of the Microchiroptera, likewise devour frogs, birds, and small mammals, including other species of bats.’
    • ‘Northern ghost bats like to stay in humid habitats such as tropical and riparian rainforests.’
    • ‘He mentions a case where some catholic missionaries were kept awake by night by ghost bats who used the church entrance for eating.’
    • ‘The average head and body measurement of a ghost bat is 100 mm, each forearm also measures an average of 100 mm.’
    1. 1.1
      • ‘The ghost bats have translucent-looking creamy-coloured wings, so in flight they do look ghostly indeed.’
      • ‘Have students identify the two other types of bats mentioned in this segment - bentwing and ghost bats.’
      • ‘Adult and juvenile ghost bats forage independently, coming and going from their roosts as they please.’
      • ‘More than half - 78 species - were bats, including ghost bats, fishing bats, giant false vampire bats, mammal- and bird-feeding vampire bats, nectar-feeding bats, fruit bats, sucker-winged bats, and free-tailed bats.’
      • ‘Some of these bats such as the ghost bats, capture their meals while flying high in the open air.’
    2. 1.2Australian
      another term for false vampire
      • ‘The study looked at the social and reproductive behaviour of the ghost bats, as well as their hunting and feeding behaviour.’
      • ‘It has to be a pretty small carnivore and there have to be many of them since the floor is thickly covered with droppings, so ghost bats would have made sense.’
      • ‘One can therefore argue safely that visual specialisations that were found to be absent from ghost bats are unlikely to turn up in Amorphochilus, Furipterus or some other rare, non-visual microbat.’
      • ‘If a sound comes back the ghost bat swoops down and raps its wings around its pray and bites it to kill it.’