Definition of ghetto blaster in English:

ghetto blaster


  • A large portable radio and cassette or CD player.

    • ‘I've still got the original 1983 ghetto blaster that I got for Christmas, I know it's cliched but it's a way of life and I like it.’
    • ‘You switch on the music, there's a ghetto blaster in the corner.’
    • ‘When I'm on the road I have a huge ghetto blaster and a bunch of CDs, and this one's always in there.’
    • ‘They wandered through the maze of trendy clothes stalls where the beats of a hundred ghetto blasters merged into a cacophony of competing rhythms.’
    • ‘The little ghetto blaster he has now is inadequate.’
    • ‘By 7.30 am, the crowd had swelled to over 150 colourfully dressed cyclists armed with a ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘The blonde girl is carrying a small ghetto blaster playing a poppy, repetitive but catchy tune.’
    • ‘When the ghetto blaster's on, and it's full, this place is buzzing.’
    • ‘She was tired of Edinburgh and Glasgow - pollution, noise, the people in the house next door and their ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘Beside them was a collection of motorbikes all gleaming chrome and giant handle bars, and a ghetto blaster which blared out decades-old heavy rock hits.’
    • ‘There are a few tracks from long since deleted records and a few oddities gleaned from recordings made on the ghetto blaster on sleepless nights.’
    • ‘During the half-an-hour before play got under way, things were pretty quiet among the players, with a ghetto blaster operating at a low volume.’
    • ‘It's an old ghetto blaster I put out to the dumpster about a month ago.’
    • ‘Using a walkman is also more sociable than taking a huge ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘I spotted a young Filipino with blond hair, a ring in his eyebrow, wearing hip hop fashion and carrying what appeared to be a huge ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘I predict this song will be blaring from ghetto blasters and car radios all over Hollywood.’
    • ‘I decided to go play a gig at the zoo, with a few friends, a toy turntable and a ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘Bring a ghetto blaster or play some tunes from the car radio (but be careful not to drain the car battery!)’
    • ‘Then there are the car races and hand-brake turns, not forgetting the obligatory ghetto blaster.’
    • ‘But her ghetto blaster was never far from her can of spray paint.’


ghetto blaster