Definition of ghetto-fabulous in English:



  • Denoting or exemplifying an ostentatious or flamboyant lifestyle or style of clothing of a type associated with the hip-hop subculture.

    ‘ghetto-fabulous rappers’
    • ‘The actress describes her character, Charlene, as " ghetto fabulous and smart".’
    • ‘A year ago, it was what we called ghetto fabulous.’
    • ‘Though this event is mostly attended by African-Americans, the display of ghetto-fabulous street culture makes most decent, hard-working black folks shudder with shame.’
    • ‘The suggestion is that these youngsters are being encouraged to adopt a negative ' ghetto fabulous ' lifestyle rather than one that values education, and domestic and civic responsibility.’
    • ‘The lifestyles among Goines's characters would be called "ghetto fabulous" today.’
    • ‘If they are to be authors, shouldn't we be coaxing them towards the mainstream prizes rather than the ghetto-fabulous hit parade?’
    • ‘The hip-hop generation has evolved and matured from just being ghetto-fabulous to finding that happy medium between over-the-top and traditional, classic elegance.’
    • ‘This guy is our ghetto-fabulous entrant for season three.’
    • ‘I'm sure you've all heard of the ghetto-fabulous phrase "talk to the hand."’
    • ‘Also, she feels like M.C. Hammer, but more ghetto fabulous that he ever was.’
    • ‘Both of us have been associated with the term ghetto-fabulous, but that's something we did four years ago.’
    • ‘There are few hip hop divas quite as damn ghetto fabulous as 22-year-old Kelis.’
    • ‘He favoured flashy, shiny fabrics, rather like the ghetto-fabulous P. Diddy.’
    • ‘She stands by her man and provides the comic relief with her "ghetto fabulous" attitude.’
    • ‘Neither ghetto-fabulous nor turgidly worthy, Jurassic 5 are evangelists for the pleasure principle inherent in the genesis of hip-hop.’
    • ‘Few phrases offer more mixed messages or feel more inherently contradictory than the term "ghetto fabulous."’
    • ‘Maybe it's their street mentality or their ghetto fabulous attitude or their inner city chic or their hip-hop like posse.’
    • ‘I so wanted to see Oprah redefine ghetto fabulous.’
    • ‘The roots of hip hop's infatuation with expensive, outrageous and overtly customised motor vehicles lie in ghetto fabulous, the trend for conspicuous consumption.’
    • ‘You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next.’