Definition of ghatam in English:



  • A circular pot beaten with the hands as a percussion instrument in south Indian music.

    • ‘Many young South Indians are adept at Carnatic music and can accompany even professional musicians on the mridangam, the ghatam or the violin.’
    • ‘But now almost every musician replicates the rhythm patterns of a mridangam or ghatam through his voice.’
    • ‘Being a percussion instrument, the ghatam involves the use of the hands, palms and fingers and even the nails, in order to produce various types and levels of sound, in a harmonious manner.’
    • ‘The program will feature solo, duo and trio pieces incorporating the bamboo flute, sitar and a variety of percussion instruments including the tabla, ghatam and kanjeera (tambourine).’
    • ‘The American students are fascinated by the ghatam.’


From Sanskrit via Tamil or Telugu.