Definition of ghat in English:



  • 1(in South Asia) a flight of steps leading down to a river.

    • ‘Small cooking fires lit up the ghats leading down to the water.’
    • ‘Consequently, I spent most of my time in the field engaging with boatmen and other locals working on the ghats (landing steps leading to the river).’
    • ‘Indian poets speak of the splendor of dawn here, when the golden sun shines on temple spires and ashrams, when thousands of pilgrims flock to the broad sandstone steps called ghats.’
    • ‘Once, planning to shoot birds in flight, I took up position one morning on the ghat.’
    • ‘After washing the whole town's dirty linen on the ghat.’
    1. 1.1 A level place on the edge of a river where Hindus cremate their dead.
      • ‘Down at the cremation ghats, life - and death - continued as normal, irrespective of the tide of pilgrims swirling about them.’
      • ‘As the family mourns and close relatives shave their heads, the body is transported to the funeral ghat (bank along a river), where prayers are recited.’
      • ‘During this testimony, we see scenes of a Hindu funeral procession in India, which ends at a cremation ghat.’
      • ‘At first he took us along the riverfront explaining about the burning ghats and the reasons why some corpses are cremated and others are not, like babies and holy men.’
      • ‘Familiar river scenes are shown as the boat ride progresses, such as a cow carcass floating in the river, the renowned cremation ghats and locals, as well as pilgrims, performing ritual ablutions.’
  • 2(in South Asia) a mountain pass.

    • ‘The drive down the ghats to the coast is breathtaking.’
    • ‘If you are planning a sojourn on hilly terrain, sloping mountains or steep ghats, then this is the place.’
    • ‘Walking along the ghats to the Bhutanatha temples brought one to two priceless images.’


From Hindi ghāṭ.