Definition of gharana in English:



  • (in South Asia) any of the various specialist schools or methods of classical music or dance.

    ‘one of the doyens of the Delhi gharana’
    • ‘The Hindustani vocalist and exponent of the Mewati gharana is busy these days giving the finishing touches to an all-India music performance series which he plans to launch in March.’
    • ‘This year's festival will see a special emphasis on the Gwalior gharana.’
    • ‘The gharana is characterised by straight vocal inflection and stresses on bringing out the emotional content of a raga.’
    • ‘I am a trained singer of the famed Patiala gharana.’
    • ‘These weekly recitals are linked by a common aim to show a range of styles belonging to a distinct and separate lineage or gharana.’


From Hindi gharānā ‘family’.