Definition of get with the program in English:

get with the program


North American
  • often in imperative Do what is expected of one; adopt the prevailing viewpoint.

    ‘come on you guys—get with the program’
    • ‘So let's stop trying to please them, and get with the program of what most Americans really care about.’
    • ‘On that matter, at least, Riordan got with the program: ‘I know nothing about it.’’
    • ‘Bureaucrats who won't get with the program should be weeded out.’
    • ‘Let's hope someone up top gets with the program.’
    • ‘When someone reports something that does not conform to their worldview, that report has to be buried and that someone has to be replaced with someone who can get with the program.’
    • ‘With the idea it is time to get with the program, here are some things I'd like to see news organizations do.’
    • ‘So, maybe slow-speaking academics need to get with the program.’
    • ‘I'm surprised it took them so long to get with the program.’
    • ‘This is the way it is, boys and girls, and while I'm not thrilled, I think it's long past time that Democrats got with the program.’
    • ‘Well, if I sit with them, I'm never going to be able to look at my script and get with the program.’