Definition of get up to in English:

get up to

phrasal verb

  • Be involved in (typically something illicit or surprising)

    ‘what did you get up to last weekend?’
    • ‘If that was done now, there would be some fantastic stories, because now we know about what these players are getting up to in their time off the pitch.’
    • ‘It was always a dream of mine that one day they would ask me what I got up to during the summer break.’
    • ‘He has always had a wild streak and I believe he is a bit of a clown in his regiment for the things he gets up to.’
    • ‘That pupil was asked to take Romeo on their after-school adventures and take photos of what they had got up to.’
    • ‘What do you hope to be getting up to when you hit your eighties?’
    • ‘As time was getting on, I was wondering what Stuart was getting up to.’
    • ‘In some cases it may be needed, however who cares what this guy got up to at University?’
    • ‘You smiled when you saw him play and you laughed when you heard what he got up to.’
    • ‘Do they know where their children are or what they are getting up to?’
    • ‘His parents, both in their seventies, are supportive of his career, even though they don't quite know everything he gets up to.’